1. Service Agreement/Contract - This includes all legal requirements for a binding agreement under UK law.

2. Services available & rates template

3. Client Information/Data Processing Template

4. GDPR Privacy Notice


1. GDPR Audit Checklist and Register

2. GDPR Data Protection Policy

3. GDPR Information Security Policy

4. GDPR Subject Access Request Policy

5. GDPR Right to be Forgotten Policy

6. GDPR Right to Restrict Processing Policy

7. GDPR Breach Incident Management Policy

8. GDPR Compliance Checklist

9. GDPR 3rd Party Data Processing Agreement

10. GDPR Supplier Check sheet


I will include a workshop to ensure full understanding of GDPR rules and how the documents realte to these.

I will also include 12 months email support for any questions relating to the package.


The total price for this will be £450 including VAT.


If you require me to be more involved, completing the forms and carrying out the audit, I charge £40 per hour plus expenses for this.

Please get in touch with any requirements or questions if you have any and I will try my best to help.


Virtual Assistant Complete Package



Tel: 07789 658231


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