All Seasons Home Care

All Seasons Home Care is a family run care company, established in 2005, that provides quality home care services to people living across Cumbria. They enable their clients to access the expert care they need, whilst continuing to live in the homes that they know and love.

They contacted us to help provide additional support with a CQC compliance audit.

As part of the compliance audit, we were asked to support the business with the Data Protection Training for all of the carers and help to setup and review their policies.

They were ahead of many in their sector when it came to  their dedication to providing their patients and their families with the peace of mind that all of their information is protected by EVERY member of staff.

We worked together to create the policies required under GDPR, Data Protection Act 2018 and the CQC for the Care Sector.

We then carried out customized training to ensure all senior staff were aware of their responsibility under the Data Breach and SAR policies and provided workflows to follow.

All Care staff were then trained in Data Protection Awareness with a CPD certified course that was also customized for the business.

Adele from Cockermouth Chiropody contacted us regarding her GDPR compliance and training her staff to understand their responsibilities.

She has a very professional attitude to protecting her clients, sometimes sensitive, information.

She had already made great strides to producing documents and processes that helped her business, employees and customers.

When I visited Adele, we went through her documents as they were at the time and many of them were exactly as she needed, however there were a few areas we could improve and strengthen with small changes. Layouts in reception, new sections in forms, small knowledge transfers that made a massive difference.

We then carried out a Data Protection Staff Awareness training course for all her staff and associates which went very well and had great interaction and many relevant questions.

What Adele, Owner of Cockermouth Chiropody and Podiatry  says about our service.

"I feel more confident that my accreditation with the College of Podiatry is secure now that Lorraine has ensured my business and staff are all compliant regarding protecting, storing, sharing and using all types of data."



Cockermouth Chiropody & Podiatry

What Nina, Owner of All Seasons  says about our service.

"Lorraine was exceptionally professional and knowledgeable about her field.

She had time and patience for us all at All Seasons.

Lorraine provided all we needed to know about GDPR which enabled us to move our business forward.

As and when All Seasons require GDPR updates I will have no hesitation to call upon Lorraine again."





Tweddle Engineering are expanding quickly and now have two parts to their business, Tweddle Fabrications and Cumbria Profiling. They contacted us regarding their GDPR compliance and staff training to support them in their growth and their tenders for business.

They take their compliance in all areas very seriously and wanted their processes and staff to be as strong as possible in Data Protection and GDPR.

We carried out a full audit of their systems, produced an audit document and all relevant policies and procedures as required by the ICO.

We ensured all relevant staff were aware of their responsibility under the Data Breach and SAR policies and provided workflows to follow.

All staff were then trained in Data Protection Awareness with a CPD certified course for everyone.

We now have an ongoing relationship, with Lake Mill being a support to the business at all times; and we will carry out all future Data Protection training and reviews.



Carol (HR Officer) said of the companies experience with us:

“Lake Mill has been a great support to the company in relation to GDPR compliance and the delivery of training. We would highly recommend Lake Mill for this area of training.”


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