How can I assist the Assistants (Virtual that is)??

Whether you are a new VA startup or have been for a number of years there is a good chance you are not up to date with legislative documents.

In the VA business, data protection, contracts, 3rd party associate agreements, in fact all legal documents that will cover you in the case of a breach of data, conflict between client and VA, clarification of services and costs etc are vital for you and your client to have peace of mind during the term of the agreement.

After speaking to a number of VA's, I decided to help with the compilation of 2 packages, written specifically for VA companies.

There is one that is a Complete Package that includes

Customer Pack and GDPR Compliance Pack

and also just the

GDPR Compliance Pack

I will hold specific workshops to go over how to implement these.

Please contact me for any further information.

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