What is the Personal Touch?

"an original or special quality, or something that is done for every single person in a group in order to make them feel special or appreciated."

Does this sound like something you would like from your consultant?

To quote Meg Ryan in “You’ve Got Mail,” “Whatever else anything is, it ought to begin by being personal.”

This is so true with me and my business is based on this very core principal.

Would you be happy with telephone conversations to ascertain your needs?

Do you believe a consultant knows you without spending time getting to know your business?

Personal Touch is the principal core of my business

Business is never just business. A good business provides us with a solution to a problem we are facing and handles it with utmost care to ensure our happiness and satisfaction. Major brands like Dove, Nestle, Apple and more have stayed ‘in business’ not only because they make great products but by keeping their consumer interactions real, personal and engaging. In short, when communication takes the form of a real conversation, things click.

The internet is an amazing invention, but it doesn’t come without issues. While it has brought the world into our homes and businesses, it has made people lose our contact with each other. When you don’t see the person you are chatting with or don’t hear the sound of their voice, you can never truly gauge their intentions. Businesses are no different. They must be seen and heard in order to be felt and accepted.

The business I am in is very "scary and boring" to some people. However, that is before they spend some time with me. That is not being arrogant, it is because I am friendly, personal and put the client at ease. THIS is how I can get my clients to take on the issues they face with confidence. It is encouraging, engaging and enhancing them and their business.

If you have any concerns about engaging a consultant make sure the one you choose Is someone you know you can work with.

If you want any information or just to meet for a coffee to get to know how our businesses work, email me at Lorraine@lakemillconsulting.co.uk



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