Putting on a family show

Next weekend I have decided to go to my first show at Cockermouth. This is quite a big deal for me, wondering if anyone will come to see me, will visitors get what I and my business are about.

But if I don't put myself out there who will. How will other businesses get to know ME, what I know, how easy I am to work with and how I just want to help other small businesses achieve their dreams.

So I will have my family there, helping me out, to share goodies with visitors and generally show everyone who we are.

I also decided to persuade my husband to show his business too. Kevin has a commercial body shop and paints wagons, new and vintage to an extremely high standard.

I get really envious but am also so proud of his success on social media. He has a Facebook page that attracts thousands of visitors simply by showing his work. When I share his work I get more likes than my own posts!

Together we support each other and will continue to do so.

So if you would like to visit us next weekend (even if it is just to see Kevins trucks :) ) look for the purple tent, we would love to see you.

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