This is me!!

I have joined a 10 day "live" video challenge today that hopefully will improve how I do my live videos. Not hard considering I've never done one :)

My first one went ok actually and it was basically "This is me". As in The Greatest Showman, I am one of those people that the public don't want to see. Not because I have a beard but because the service I provide is a waste of money, bottom of the list of priorities.

So how do I convince people that I am worth it?

I have worked in IT for 30 years (wow I'm that old!) apart from a few years I took off to have my girls during which I worked in our family business. The IT experience until 2004 was invaluable but the family business meant I was responsible for HR, Finance, Legislation etc for 25 staff. It was the hardest job I ever did however, I learnt the most.

When we sold the business I took the Group IT Manager job for 5 sites across the North West and loved the challenge.

I was responsible for IT across the 5 sites but spent most of my time Project Managing, defining Policies and Change Control and Training. Most recently I spent 6 months ensuring the business was GDPR compliant and training all of the staff.

This was something I really enjoyed, I loved seeing people interested in what I was saying, interacting with me and really gaining something from my knowledge.

I had travelled for 3 years and decided now was the time to spend all my time helping people, passing on my knowledge and seeing companies grow.

So "This is me", I want to help, I want to train and I want to inspire.

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